Us, in Paris. Photo by me.

Forest II. by Hanne//Beatle on Flickr.

Being positive can be really hard. It seems like that’s something people are afraid to say; happiness takes work. I truly believe happiness and positivity comes from within, and tapping into that when there’s so many outer influences (think media, friends, coworkers, family, etc.) can be hard. Heck, even not having a good night’s sleep can be a real downer sometimes. 
That was my situation today. I slept a measly 3 hours last night thanks to a crazy thunderstorm and my cat, and I had to be at work for an 8 hour shift starting at 7am. What a drag. I woke up cranky, dead tired and feeling like the day was already a failure. 
I’m not sure at what part of the morning my mindset changed, but I know that before the cafe opened at 8, I was convinced it was going to be a great day. Yes, I was tired. Of course, I would have loved to sleep in, go to the gym, laze around all day. But I realized I had a choice — to be cranky all day and bring my coworkers down, or to pick up my mood as best I could and make the day as bright as possible. It was a conscious effort. The easy choice was to stay negative. I’m proud of myself for continuing to work towards being naturally positive in the face of negative situations (great and small), and hope this encourages you to work towards your goals and to find happiness everyday!

A v nice photo by my main counterpart